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To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.  
                            -Joseph Chilton Pearce

It is my mission to give students a safe place to explore their creativity. Sometimes it can be scary to create, because failure is a part of the process.  I push students to keep creating even if they feel like they have failed.  Sometimes when we make mistakes, that is when we learn our biggest lessons.  I encourage students to explore styles that are unique to them.  I am a realist, but I want them to develop their own style and I am there to facilitate that for them.  Art is so important because it teaches children to problem solve and think outside the box.  There is almost always more than one way to solve a problem. Creativity helps us to see things differently and better deal with uncertainty.  Art can also improve confidence in children.  You must have courage to share the artwork you create.  I know the feeling of being vulnerable myself when my own art is on display, so I will always do my best to build them up, even when critiquing their work.

I hope to provide the community with an art culture of good quality fine art along with some fun art.  I am always thinking of ways I can help impact the community, and I hope to do more.  When we slow down and take time to care about each other we all benefit as a community.

                                                                                                        -Amy Jamison

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